The two paths of the yakShiNi

The paths of the yakShiNi Posted by Picasa

After having been pursued relentlessly by the kR^ityA sent against us we reached the place known as the Dismal Hollows. There we entered The House and called up the yakShiNi again. She came forth even as agni had shot up when praised by the hymns of the long gone fathers, bhR^igu, ushana kAvya, apanavAna and aurva. She created that shield that kept of the kR^ityA from coming through. The she said that we shall take the flight along two paths. I asked if we may travel along the path where no mortal has coursed before. She said: Sure you will but that path is taken only at the biding of vaivasvata. Then I asked that we course along the backward path. She acquiesed and arose. But the kR^ityA seized us and spread fear in our limbs. It looked as though we were simultaneously hit by the bhramaNa, bhaya~nkara and stambhana prayogas borne by the kR^ityA. We dived within the kavacha of the yakShiNi. Suddenly we found ourselves above the kShetra shown in the picture. This was a kShetra where we have spent a relatively enormous amount of time from our first memories.

We flew with our hair blowing in the wind and coursed through the welkin like ariShTanemI in the quest for soma. The yakShNi pointed to us the kShetras within the kShetras and thus we toured them (as per the numbers in the picture):

1) Here was where we lived to win and lose many a battle aided by our shachIva and amAtya and the great muni. While our formative years were spent here discovering for ourselves the tricks that would be needed when the gods were to take us on the path of glory in war.

2) We then coursed over the hillock of the vAnAra chief: there stood the son of keshari upon the hillock, the source of ullAsa for the kavis and place where we fought the dAsaM varNaM- the brahma dviShas.

3) Then went to that spot where we acquired the manuscripts of the veda and the tantra which were in the grip of the mlecchas. There a dasyu had insulted the muni and he pronounced shApa on them and duely the dasyus perished in intercine conflict.

4) Then we went to the crowded kShetra where we ranged in Ananda of the shR^i~NgAra rasa with that one whom the yakShiNi brought back. Then she laughed horribly. We asked why but she moved on taking us along.

5) Then we hovered over the spot where we encountered the terrible ari who tried to place vighnas on our path using the hanumat prayoga. But they were back-hurled and he came begging to us for succour.

6) Then we flew by the small temple of the The God built by the Maharattas, which was lying in ruins in vicinity of city of sin.

7) Then we coursed to the great temple of vinAyaka where we entered the giant gold fish and coursed through the waters for a while. Then emerging out we made a great arc in the sky and flew north.

8) There we passed the temple of chaNDikA and saluted the great goddess who had borne us aid in that fierce conflict with the mass of bhrAtR^ivyas.

9) Then we coursed on to the hill of the vetAlas and saw the maTR^i of kumAra, vetAlajananI, and her frightening hordes. As we passed, the vetAlas remained utter silent and we bowed in silence to the goddess.

10) Then we coursed to the shores of the great lake where we had observed birds in our youth with the fallen brahmin boy. It reminded us of the great 9 kilometer walk with our bounty of shells. On the way we were accosted by the kidnappers, whom we out-ran in the days of our greater swiftness. We became snails and swam in the murky waters and found that the lake had shrunk from its hey days.

11) Then we flew that kShetra where we had seized the greatest of our vidyas from the dAsa duShTatama who hid it from us. By the mahAmantra of skanda we had rebuffed the dAsa in the black days.

We then coursed to the house of the pretty lady who had brought us joy for 15 years. We do not mark her kShetra at her request. Her mother staring at the maNDala in front of her summoned the yakShiNi. They exchanged mudras. Then the yakShiNi spoke: look at this puruSha who flies beside me, the fates of him and your duhitA have now inverted. He dwells in naraka and I have briefly lifted him out of it. Your duhitA dwells in her svarga. The arrow of karma cannot be diverted. My sakhI’s mother spoke: “It is indeed tragic. We were planning that magic that might have been like a deva kArya.” The yakShiNi spoke: “When hanumant was born he sought the sun but hammered by the vajra of indra he fell lifeless. Though revived and endowed with tremendous prowess, he threw a bhArgava down from a tree and tormented him. Struck by the atharvan spell he lost knowledge of his powers”. Learn ye the lesson from this if contemplating to soar as hanumant did.

We vanished.

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