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Law and order in mlechCha desha

The land of the mlechChas is in krau~ncha dvIpa is renowned for its orderliness arising from the maintenance of law and order. However, when the chakra of indra and vAyu struck the land it was striking to note that the … Continue reading

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The chakra of indravayU

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The clash of Saxons

The great leader of the Southern Saxon, Pirate king Slit-Eyes had died in the battle with the Hindus during their invasion of the southern continent. Slit-Eyes was succeeded by pirate Ponting, who was ably supported by the old guard of … Continue reading

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Another mAraNa strike

The amAtya had warned us that we would face a mAraNa strike anytime. Sensing trouble we deployed the arrows of sharva around us. The archers surrounded us completely to shield us from the kR^ityA which was to strike. We were … Continue reading

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The dark hero of the yadus

The birth anniversary of the dark hero of the yadus dawned. We decided torecall his awful deeds in course of his momentous life that overlapped with the tumult taking place in the bhArata realms. -The yadu was born to vasudeva … Continue reading

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samkarShaNa’s deeds

From the 67th chapter of the harivaMsha When balarAma was cavorting with his wives and girlfriends and enjoying a pitcher of vAruNi beer, dvivida the mighty ape made obscene gestures. balarAma’s eyes rolled in languor, he sang loudly and he … Continue reading

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The end of the era of Tamil warlords

The puranAnuru and related puraM texts of early Tamil literature mark the end era of the Tamil warlords. The violent, grandiose and impractically generous Tamil warlords were passing out of vogue with the solidification of the 3 great Tamil kingdoms- … Continue reading

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The sleep of dhUmAvatI

We have heard of the nairR^ita spell of dhUmA which overpowers you with tremendous force. Even as we were scanning the horizon for the nirR^iti attack, the spell found its mark on us with the ucChuShma-rudra wings. The torpor it … Continue reading

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You cannot get away

GK had been a rival of R. R had genuine knowledge, but GK merely absorbed everything she read without much analysis or understanding. Otherwise they were quite equally matched. GK oozed arrogance, but R emanated genuine mental superiority over most. … Continue reading

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Back in the same place

We were set to return to the same battlefield where we had last year fought one of the most disastrous battles of our existence. This battlefield was worse than the pAShaNDa hill: there we had lost out right, but here … Continue reading

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Turning of the Turkic wheel

In 914 CE, Nasr ibn Ahmed II raised the Samanid Moslems to their peak. They were the first Iranians who had been converted to Sunnism and pursued their zealous Jihad on central Asia with a large army of Iranian Moslems … Continue reading

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In the dark zone

We sat on the edge of the crater of sorrow, defeat and destruction, which was much like the crater of a great volcano, with the inferal interiors obscured by pumice and granite. We saw many yakShIs, apsaras, pishAchis and rAkShasis … Continue reading

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Post-khANDavan chaos

We paused for a moment looking out from our high perch into the foggy haze of the air around us. The joys of the world it appeared had deserted us. The devas had sent the brief respite, but it was … Continue reading

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Johannes Kepler

The German astrologer Johannes Kepler has always been a major source of inspiration. He lived a difficult life, full of personal troubles and disease, yet he was remarkably productive and innovative. This was a clear sign of his pure genius. … Continue reading

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Some ramblings on Indo-European

Due to a late night encounter back from work we got rambling about one of our favorite topics the evolution of IE languages from PIE. Despite the difficulties, that we are familiar with from other areas of science, we have … Continue reading

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The temple of nature by Erasmus Darwin

The grandfather of Charles wrote the following poem, which might be considered one of the foundational verses of evolutionary biology: Organic life beneath the shoreless waves Was born and nurs’d in ocean’s pearly caves; First forms minute, unseen by spheric … Continue reading

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The fall of asura prahlAda

prahlAda, the demoniac son of hiraNyakashipu, ascended the throne of the asuras after his father had been slain by nR^isimha. Spreading fear and havoc in the in the worlds due to his pride and immense strength he caused much anxiety … Continue reading

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The lineage of the viShNu tantras

oM ugraM vIraM mahAviShNuM jvalantaM sarvatomukhaM | nR^isiMhaM bhIShaNaM bhadraM mR^ityu-mR^ityaM namAmyahaM || How did these mightiest mantras of viShNu come into being? Beyond pa~ncharAtra promulgated by the chitrashikaNDins are the tantras of viShNu made apparent by the shANDilyas. The … Continue reading

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pratya~NgirA stotrAm

brahma-svarUpe brahmeshI brahmAstra khaDgadhAriNI |brAhmI pratya~Ngire devi ava brahma-dviSho jahi || viShNurUpe vaiShNavI ghorAstra khaDgadhAriNI | nArAyaNi pratya~Ngire mama shatrUn vidveShaya || rudra svarUpe rudreshI rudrAstra khaDgadhAriNI | raudrI pratyangire devI mamashatrUn-uchChaTaya || ugrasvarupe ugreshI ugrAstra khaDgadhAriNI | ugrakR^ityA pratyangire … Continue reading

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The dispatch from the slopes of Mount Kearsarge

We circumambulated the large lake at the base of Mount Kearsarge with mlechCha adventurer M. We were separated from the bandhas of samsAra at that point. We saw the old va~nga chieftain at the end of it. The va~nga had … Continue reading

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