The dispatch from the slopes of Mount Kearsarge

We circumambulated the large lake at the base of Mount Kearsarge with mlechCha adventurer M. We were separated from the bandhas of samsAra at that point. We saw the old va~nga chieftain at the end of it. The va~nga had battled our old foe for a long time and outwitted him much as we had. He enquired about R1, R2, R3, K1, K2 and S. These brought very painful memories to our mind. It was as though we had fallen like yayAti. We had mentioned earlier how we fell like yayAti after sporting in the groves of the pAShaNDa’s hill in the daNDaka region. Then we bored even deeper into pAtAla and then escaped the terrible guillotine which we alluded to earlier. But after escaping the guillotine, we had fallen into this new trap from which we were not sure there was a way out. The va~nga reminded us of it. He asked me the pathway that led to R. We illustrated it thus:

K1–>K2–>S–>R3–>R1 (now known as R). R3 was from a clan of great brAhmaNas from gavalakuNDa, who had originally hailed from Nepal. In the lore of guhyakAli and the many authentic sections of the mahAkAla saMhita they were masters. They were masters of the vedA~Nga jyotisha, and nakShatra vidyA. When we were famished in gavalakuNDa R3 had helped us with food much as uShasti chAkrAyana was helped, knowing that my ancestors were brahmas at their shrauta rites. R3 had two suitors: shveta va~Nga, the other bold va~Nga chieftain who had been demolished by the mlechChas, and dharmadR^iDha vAtavyAdi, who was a friend of the mean biDAla-smashru. Shveta va~Nga of the sAvarNa branch of bhArgavas won the battle for R3. But R3 after that was struck by a terrible affliction from, which it was almost certain that there was no return. But R3’s clansmen using their mighty vidyA’s just redeemed the amR^ita of R3 to reincarnate her and save themselves. R3 had a friend A, who also came from a clan of great brAhmaNas who had distinguished themselves in their R^igvedic learning and in the heroic defense of the karnATa country battling against the turushka Randulla Khan. A had also fed me in the times of dire straits in gavalakuNDa and even directed the aforesaid va~Nga chieftain to provide me food. Both in R3 and A the glory of their brahminical ancestors shone like the cashed check we alluded to. A was one day narrating the exploits of the pro-Dravidian George Hart, when suddenly she paused and asked me if I was doing the right things. A said how she upheld the paurANic ideals to the highest level and even the dharma shAstras would have offered her a less stringent path. She told me that in the days of kali such adherence was not common and having told me of the dangers in the path prophesied that trouble may be coming my way. The va~nga confirmed it had come too soon and that the main warriors in my camp might even sense the empire’s cracks.

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