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In the dark zone

We sat on the edge of the crater of sorrow, defeat and destruction, which was much like the crater of a great volcano, with the inferal interiors obscured by pumice and granite. We saw many yakShIs, apsaras, pishAchis and rAkShasis … Continue reading

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Post-khANDavan chaos

We paused for a moment looking out from our high perch into the foggy haze of the air around us. The joys of the world it appeared had deserted us. The devas had sent the brief respite, but it was … Continue reading

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Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler has always been a major source of inspiration. He lived a difficult life, full of personal troubles and disease, yet he was remarkably productive and innovative. This was a clear sign of his pure genius. In 1596 he … Continue reading

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