Post-khANDavan chaos

We paused for a moment looking out from our high perch into the foggy haze of the air around us. The joys of the world it appeared had deserted us. The devas had sent the brief respite, but it was all over. Why are we here we asked ourselves ?

Our mind raced back to the days of war between October-December of the year 2004. It was a fairly decisive period, but little did we know what the seizure of khANDAva had in store for us. Looking back at the correspondence of our amAtya and shachiva, we realized our mistakes with 20/20 hindsight. It is now clear that we were slipping inexorably towards a deadly trap. In this situation is not surprising that the mind all recedes to the same period in theyear 2003. The smashing defeat we faced on the slopes of the pAShaNDa’s hill had sowed the seeds for the future events. Our journey to the ruins of the ancient Jorwe cultures in Nevasa had made us wonder who were those people. Then we observed Mercury, low beside the horizon. At that point our shachiva was blinded and made some mistakes, which embroiled us in the khANDava campaign. But now we realized that the conquest of khANDava had brought us to a nadir in our history. Everywhere the army was shaking from the multi-pronged attacks, the state itself was in utter disarray. We felt that even though we were a much better warrior, we were not a better king than our sire.

We turn to indra for aid.

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