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Another mAraNa strike

The amAtya had warned us that we would face a mAraNa strike anytime. Sensing trouble we deployed the arrows of sharva around us. The archers surrounded us completely to shield us from the kR^ityA which was to strike. We were … Continue reading

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The dark hero of the yadus

The birth anniversary of the dark hero of the yadus dawned. We decided torecall his awful deeds in course of his momentous life that overlapped with the tumult taking place in the bhArata realms. -The yadu was born to vasudeva … Continue reading

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samkarShaNa’s deeds

From the 67th chapter of the harivaMsha When balarAma was cavorting with his wives and girlfriends and enjoying a pitcher of vAruNi beer, dvivida the mighty ape made obscene gestures. balarAma’s eyes rolled in languor, he sang loudly and he … Continue reading

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