The dark hero of the yadus

The birth anniversary of the dark hero of the yadus dawned. We decided to
recall his awful deeds in course of his momentous life that overlapped with the tumult taking place in the bhArata realms.
-The yadu was born to vasudeva and devakI, who were imprisoned by kaMsa, devakI’s brother.The tyrant kaMsa had been told that devakI’s 8th son will kill him one day.
-devakI’s eighth son was born on a rohiNI aShtTami, and was spirited away by vasudeva to his cowherd friend nanda’s abode. Instead he brought back nanda’s daughter to replace his son.
-kR^iShNa devakIputra’s possible escape still worried kaMsa so he sent a demoness putanA to slay devakIputra. But kR^iShNa slew pUtana instead.
-kR^iShNa then still a child slew effortlessly demons such as triNavarta, aghAsura and dhenuka. -kR^iShNa then subdued the nAga chief kaliya on the banks of the yamuna.
-kR^iShNa’s brother balabhadra, son of rohiNi and vasudeva slew the demon pralamba.
-devakIputra then killed the agents of kaMsa like shankachuda, ariSTa, keshi and vyoma.
-then kR^iShNa and balarAma proceeded to the court of kaMsa, at akrUra’s invitation.
-then the brother advanced to the capital of kaMsa, mathura, and were pitted against the wrestlers chANUra and muShTika, whom they promptly slew.
-then kR^iShna killed kaMsa by suddenly attacking him and restored ugrasena on the throne In course of his varied career the mighty bowman vAsudeva killed a number of powerful adversaries of the yadus. He successively destroyed, after killing kaMsa, kAlayavana, naraka the king of pragjyotiSha and his general mura, paundraka the false vAsudeva, jarAsandha via pANDava bhima, shishupAla during the rAjasUya of yuddhiShThira, shalva the great invader, dantavakra and vidhuratha.

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