Law and order in mlechCha desha

The land of the mlechChas is in krau~ncha dvIpa is renowned for its orderliness arising from the maintenance of law and order. However, when the chakra of indra and vAyu struck the land it was striking to note that the law and order collapsed rapidly. The state largely lost control and the dire circumstances resulted in an intense human competition and lawlessness. This did not seem to be case in bhArata despite the similar strike by the manyu of indra. The lawlessness appears to be of a different kind in bhArata from mlechCha desha. One wonders if this is because of svabhAva of the concerned people or the social inequalities between the kR^iShNavarNas and shvitinchyas. One can imagine in terms of evolution, how people placed in these circumstance will be so easily subject to natural selection and adaptation to such niches. The vagaries of life in the dark continent, as well as the fate of degraded human slaves of the New World, have surely produced such adaptations. But it is clear that most people in mlechChadesha may not acknowledge the point.

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