The odd Cambodian inscription of vinAyaka

Among the old inscriptions of the vinAyaka temples in the far-East are the following
1) The Angkor Borei inscription of 611 AD, which mentions the construction of a shrine to mahAgaNapati.
2) 660 AD the jayavarman II inscription describing a temple built to shrIgaNapati.
3) 817 AD inscription at Po Nagar in Vietnam of harivarman, the Champa King mentioning the temple built to shrI gaNapati (vinAyaka).
4) 890 AD inscription of yashovarman I mentioning the building of two tantric Ashramas for the worship of vinAyaka known as chandanAdri gaNesha (sandal mountain gaNesha).

The most mysterious inscription is from Prasat Prei Kuk shrine in Cambodia to vinAyaka built by king ishAnavarman I.

ya kaschid dAnavendra paraviShaya-haro nirjito nyena shaktyA
The chief of the dAnavas capturing others territory was conquered by the might of another

baddho vai sR^inkalAbhis chiram iha patito yaM stuva~N chaila-ruddhaH
bound with chains after having fallen here for a long time shut up in the mountain praises him

tan dR^iShTvA kinnarAbhish shatagaNasahitas svapnashoShe himAdrer
Having seen that, with a 100 gaNas and kinnaras, having woken up, from the Himalayan peak,

AyAto mokShanArthA~N jayati gaNapatis tvad-dhitAyeva so yaM
comes this gaNapati who for your welfare conquers for the purpose of liberating.

I wonder what mythological tale this alludes to ? May the terrible gaNapa be pacified

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