The drinking of soma in svarga

Briefly we were awarded the freedom by the grace of the great indra, who is greater than all (vishvasmAd indra uttaraH). We scored two great victories against the dasyus and brought back booty even as our empire was under fierce assaults. Verily indra bore us aid as we locked in combat with two dasyus and we overthrew them after the vajra entered our weapons and shattered theirs. We also made a strong thrust against the third front to bring the fort within striking distance. The spear of skanda relieved us from the pUtanA grAhi and we were placed in the midst of our rejoicing bands. We quaffed soma effused with thickened sweet milk, ate choice spreads and delighted in svarga as dyutAna in the days of yore. But we were told, like for yayAti, the elevation to svargo lokaH was not a permanent feature and we could be sent back to the midst of the rAkshasIs anytime. But then all have stated that one should enjoy svarga when you can. We looked forward to the performance of the great dhUrta kalpa with the 6th day of the moon to please the senAni.

We were asked to consider two things: 1) For the past 5 days before today swarms of crows filled the trees in our vicinity at might and swirled around making an enormous racket. 2) We were asked to meditate upon the killing of the demon, the giant bhImaratha by viShNu.

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