The appearance of the kR^ityA and chetaka…

“Everyone knows well how the bharadvAja yavakri met his end due the kAshyapa’s spells.”
We had fallen back from suvargaM lokaM. We then started walking along the great path, when we saw a ratha similar to that of our ally of utkIla’s clan. We turned around to see the ratha, when we sensed someone was coming in front of us. We turned and were surprised to see a beautiful woman, dressed very formally. On such a desolate day, at such an hour and time it was very unusual to see such a woman coming out from such familiar territory down such a familiar path. The woman passed us and we glanced her smile a sinister smile. Having passed behind us she vanished. Through our third eye we realized that it was not a woman but the kR^ityA. We then saw the chetaka attempting to bite at the kavacha but failed to do so. Then the chetaka lobbed a tIkShNa kShurika at us through the kavacha and then vanished.

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