The sound and wave theories of the Hindus

The achievements early Hindu science are hardly known in an objective form. They are either being neglected due to the efforts of the leftist Anti-Hindu academics from the West and India or exaggerated by uneducated Hindus. One of the great Hindu theories of which we get some limited glimpses are the ideas on sound propagation which are discussed at length in the mImAsa text of shabara svAmin. In short they include the following idea for the transmission of sound:
1) nAda or sound is a property of vAyu. 2) The sound movements are constituted by a series of air movements of the nature of a current termed vAyusantAna. 3) The sound causes the vAyu paramANus to successively undergo saMyoga vibhAga that s conjunctions and disjunctions resulting in spreading of the original impact as sound.

The vaisheShika scholars like prashastpAda and the later shrIdhara introduced the concept of the sound wave. He explicity compares sound to the waves in water. They posited that at anytime sound forms a circle and spreads as circles or spherical shells from the source: yathA jalavIchyA tad avyavahite deshe vIchyantaram upajAyate tato.apanyat tato.apayaditpanena krameNa vIchi santAno bhavati tatha krameNa shabda santAno bhavati /

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