A description of abhinavagupta by madhurAja yogin

One of the greatest tantrics of all times was the prolific trika savant abhinavagupta, one of the greatest Indian philosophers of all times. He wrote at least 44 books on tantra, aesthetics (including nATyashAstra) and philosophy. His student madhurAja yogin leaves the following account:
He sits like dakShiNAmUrtI himself as though he has taken a new incarnation in Kashmir. He sits in the middles of a garden of fruits, inside a splendid pavilion filled with elegant paintings. The room smells wonderfully because of he flower garlands, incense sticks and lamps. The walls are smeared with sandal paste. There is music from instruments and singing and dancing in his pavilion. He sits on a golden seat and has pearls decorating his canopy. abhinavagupta is attended by his many students with kShemarAja at their head who write down the various topics he discourses on. To his side are his two female consorts, who are his kulA~NganAs in the tantric rites. They hold a pot of wine, a box of betel-leaves, lotus and matulu~Nga fruits. abhinavagupta’s eyes are filled with the esctasy of tantric bliss. In the middle of his forehead is the conspicous triad mark of vibhUtI. He has one ear-ring with a rudrAkSha bead. His long locks are held by a garland of flowers, he has a long beard and his neck is smeared with the tantric yakShapa~Nka powder. His yaGYopavIta hangs from his neck and he wears a silken dhoti white as the moon beams. He sits in the yogic vIrAsana position holding a rudrAkSha mAlA and shows a mudra signifying the knowledge of mahAdeva.

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