Long after the cell phone had exploded violently we lay unable to make sense of what happened in the daze of the blast. We then saw that figure moving like dhumAvati. It was laughing loudly and had all manifestations of alakShmi. We longed for the lengthy conversations with the muni. We marched through beaten path of the evil turuShka sultan with the low sun beating down upon. Having reached an appropriate bend we made our offerings of savitar and varuNa.

o3 madA mo3m pibA mo3m devo varuNaH prajapati savitA 3 annaM iha 2 harad annapate 2 harA haro3M //

We were walking down the svApana path in late 1998 when the rAkShasi seized us. Now we were taking the second path and saw another rAkShasi waiting there.

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