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gupta vidyA

shrI pratya~NgirA atharvaNa bhadrakAlI paramabhattarikA devI We stood before that great idol of pratya~NgirA before the most holy shrine of Tiruchengode. That is the idol filled with the power of atharvaNa hR^idyA. When stands one before the deity one attains … Continue reading

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The object and mirror image

We had assembled for the gathering- me, durmukha, maireyapayin, mUlApasmara, vAta vyAdi, mlechCha sundarI, kavargA, harir-bArava all sahakuTumba. Glad to have escaped the tIkShNa hima we settled down to reel out the yarns. The conversation drifted to the journey that … Continue reading

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The mlechCha subversionists

I have never been a great fan of many modern Hindu fads: 1) They include the foolish opposition to the ultimate non-Indian origin of the Indo-Aryan and their incursion into India. 2) The statement that all religions say the same … Continue reading

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