gupta vidyA

shrI pratya~NgirA atharvaNa bhadrakAlI paramabhattarikA devIPosted by Picasa

We stood before that great idol of pratya~NgirA before the most holy shrine of Tiruchengode. That is the idol filled with the power of atharvaNa hR^idyA. When stands one before the deity one attains the most high mantra of the devI.
khaDUre .adhicha~NkamAM kharvikAM kharvavAsinIM |
ya udArA antarhitA gandharvApasarasashcha ye |
sarpA itarajanA rakShAMsi ||

The most fierce one manifests with the appropriate bIjas added.

Indeed only when stand before her in that idol in Tiruchengode does the mantra come to you. dhyAna must completely internalize her and then the mantra may be realized at any time.

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