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The wonder of Whippos-I

As we sat looking around the screen, in the warm interiors, debating about the actual nature of the pleasures in indra’s svarga eventhough we only had a fuzzy idea about them. Suddenly we were re-captured by old mysteries that had … Continue reading

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When the altar is piled, it is termed ugra. It is filled with the fury of rudra mahAdeva. The agni in the midst becomes rudra and the sacrificer readies to pacify him. He recites thus: rudró vA eShá yád agnís … Continue reading

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For some reason I used the word cynosure. The muni and I had a brief discussion on this word some time ago. It appears the the word cynosure is from the name tail of Canis Major (cynos-ura). This construct seems … Continue reading

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The days of bhoga

A friend, in course of a yarning session, reminded me of the days of bhoga. In a social situation with Marc, R and Hayastanika we were all ganging to make fun of R. A person, who shall go un-named, remarked … Continue reading

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On the vedic anusvAra.

The shaunaka, mAnDukya, pANini and other authorities have declared that the anusvAra ‘M’ in its original state is a voiced sound involving only the nAsika and no other oral articulation (e.g. anusvAra yamAnAM cha nAsikA sthAnaM uchyate |). This differentiates … Continue reading

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Chenchus, Lambadis and the L1 haplogroup

Analysis of some additional data from the Cordaux paper and the earlier works of the group from Vanga reveals further interesting trends in the distribution of the L1 haplogroup, which was seen to be predominant in numerous Tamils-speaking populations, with … Continue reading

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Man, the Troglodyte and environment

Jared Diamond, a socialist American scientist wrote a book termed the “Third chimpanzee”. Here he highlighted the similarities between us and our cousins of the genus Pan, and the explosive spread of Homo in the recent past. There have been … Continue reading

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Founding fathers and other musings

The results of recent chromosomal studies point to an interesting feature regarding the founding fathers of several nations. The biggest impact that has been uncovered to date appears to be that of Chingiz Kha’Khan, the founder of the great Mongol … Continue reading

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Socio-genetic stratification of India

A recent paper by Sengupta et al in AJHG caused much excitement in some circles, because it was seen by some as providing evidence that the Indo-Europeans/Aryans may not have invaded India after all. The paper provides a wealth of … Continue reading

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The busy Abrahamists

I learned today on the web that a certain British satirist AE Housman about whom I know hardly anything said: “In every American there is an air of incorrigible innocence, which seems to conceal a diabolical cunning.” I wonder what … Continue reading

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The sub-continental stirrings

We had earlier commented how the Trojan horse, whom we used to call Chappal (slipper) in our days of youth was working his wonders with the Indian army. We had speculated that he was specifically an agent of the roguish … Continue reading

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The Liberation of Jx

The clansmen got to gether to take stock of the proceedings. The case of Jx was remarkable. He had been pinned down by the attack of the vairi-s who were deluding him. He finally woke up on that fateful Monday … Continue reading

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aghora bhairava prayoga

When the bhairava mantras are appropriately discharged they are like arrows whizzing from the pinAka. The shatru senA is as though rushing forward when it is suddenly attacked from the flanks by flaming missile shot by the agents of rudra. … Continue reading

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rAja bhoja: the glory and tragedy of the setting Hindu Sun

bhoja’s military and political career The paramAra rAjpUts are supposed to have arisen from the sacrificial pit on arbuda parvata, which was the source of many kShatriyas who were generated by the devas for the destruction of the turuShkas and … Continue reading

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karNamoTini vidyA

oM chaNDAyai namaH| oM ghaNDAyai namaH| oM karAlyai namaH| oM sumukhyai namaH| oM durmukhyai namaH| oM revatyai namaH| oM prathamAyai namaH| oM ghorAyai namaH| vayu-tattvAtmikAyai namaH|| iti vayu maNDalaM mama shatrUn shoShaya shoShaya | oM saumyAyai namaH| oM bhiShaNyai namaH| … Continue reading

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The mahAvidyA of karNamoTini

shrI karNamoTinI devI Not far from the from the town of Tenali from where hailed the great jester of Vijayanagaran court, in direction of the other little town of Narasaraopetai, is the hamlet of Nandindla. It is here that my … Continue reading

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Under the karNamoTA tree

We walked up the path of the hill of the vAnara, when the dasyus were not its rulers yet. There was a glorious cleft on the side of the hillock, which led to a deep valley with wonderfully eroded paths. … Continue reading

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In the lap of dhUmAvatI

The harsh cawing of the solitary crow at night announces her presence. Of large size with dishevelled hair she roams. The severed heads of viShNu and rudra are seen beside her. The mystic bIja graaaM is reverberating all around her. … Continue reading

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