In the lap of dhUmAvatI

The harsh cawing of the solitary crow at night announces her presence. Of large size with dishevelled hair she roams. The severed heads of viShNu and rudra are seen beside her. The mystic bIja graaaM is reverberating all around her. There are the senAs of the lulApamukhas around her commanded by the dreaded kAlavAhanavadana. Beside her sits her fair daughter rakta-jyeShThA or upa-dhUmrA. Her pArshadhas are yelling hideous statements like without shivA, shiva is but a shava. Others yell it is not in this jagat. In her hand she holds a large terrible shUla.

How shall the journey to the abode of dhumraprakR^iti be they asked?
They are conducted there by the awful rakta-jyeShthA in the flying car with no yokes. When they arrive their power deserts the mUlAdhAra.

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