Under the karNamoTA tree

We walked up the path of the hill of the vAnara, when the dasyus were not its rulers yet. There was a glorious cleft on the side of the hillock, which led to a deep valley with wonderfully eroded paths. There a cool breeze often blew and we wandered around with the muni, kumbhodbhavA, and occasionally kR^iShNavarNa and the rAmAnujavAdin. The muni and myself had installed a installed a large li~Nga there for the worship of The god in the cleft and worshipped it with the brAhmi plant and the sha~Nka puShpa. We learned from the kumbhodbhavA that a few days later the place had been defiled by dasyus. We first reconnoitered and found that there was an enormous band of dasyus whom we could not fight on our own. We also noticed that the li~Nga had been stolen by the dasas and the place dug up. We were furious but could not do much. We worshipped mahAdeva with the hima offering and saw him conjoint with the shakti who gave us the signal to attack. In the deathly spot near where we fought our enemies grew the huge karNamoTA tree, which is related to khadira tree. We walked in a straight line from the small khadira tree in the spot of dattAtreya to the giant the karNamoTA tree and tied the mystic oShadhi known as vArAhI to the trunk of the karNamoTa tree.

There using the oozing gum of the karNamoTA tree, also known as retasadhR^ita, oblations were offered to the terrible goddess karNamoTini intertwined with that of kaumArI.

Then the muni sped with the fire of saumyA. It spread terribly over the hill of the kapishreShTha. We were reminded of the statement: “O agni utterly destroy these dAsas and drive them away” and the kR^iNuShva pAja iti pa~ncha. The vidyA of karNamoTini seized them and hurled stones on their houses. They were driven away and we miraculously found the li~Nga again and brought it back with us despite its weight.

One of the important acts for the proper performance of the ShaTkarma of tantric parlance is the acquisition and study of the mahAvidyA of devI karNamoTini.

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