The mahAvidyA of karNamoTini

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Not far from the from the town of Tenali from where hailed the great jester of Vijayanagaran court, in direction of the other little town of Narasaraopetai, is the hamlet of Nandindla. It is here that my ancestors through my maternal grandmother roamed, a clan graced with number of notable shrauta sacrificers. One of that clan was a well-learned tantric had attained siddhi of numerous mantras and was deeply proficient in the mantra shAstra. In course of his secular duties he was wending his way towards another town, when he came across the spot, where the choLa governor of the Telugu country, known by the title, giripaschima-rAja, had held his court. During the high reign of the reign of king kullotu~Nga, this governor had built a temple of the great deity karNamoTini and planted an Acacia tree in the compound. He attained the siddhi of the mantras of the deity. The place is now in ruins and in the grip of the practioners of adharma. Yet those of the clan that think of her see her fiery manifestation completely subduing all before them. The learned vaiShNava with whom we conversed in our native city told us of his remarkable journey to the most glorious Oddiyana Pitha, where he realized that great Mongol adept of the chInAchAra tantras, shri jahana vajra khaan had attained a siddhi of her mantra. Moving on to Mongolia he saw the idol of shrI mahAdevI karNamoTini and having placed her image in his heart he he retraced his path to Oddiyana. In the high sthala of Oddiyana meditating on her in the midst of the mountain he attained the siddhi of her mantra.

He told us that the mantra GYAna of her mantra is hardly easy. But then he asked us to travel like the cloud of meghadUta beyond the Jalandhara and shAradA pITha and coursing through the welkin to reach the lands of Oddiyana in our minds eye. There the kiri-maNDala of daNDanAyikA shone and having circumambulated it we came to the maNDala of kaumarI. Having uttered her mantra we moved beyond and reached the AvarNa of karNamoTini. We worshipped the devIs:
chaNDA, ghaNDA, karAlI, sumukhI, durmukhI, revatI, prathamA and ghorA in the vAyu chakra Then we worshipped: saumyA, bhiShaNI, jayA, vijayA, ajitA, aparAjitA, mahAkoTI and raudrI
Then we worshipped: virUpAkShI, parA, divyA, the AkAshamAtA-s, samharI, daMShTrAlA and shuShkarevatI.
Then we worshipped pipIlikA, puShTiharA, mahApuShTipravardhanA, bhadrakAlI, subhadrA, bhadrabhimA, subhadrikA, sthirA, niShThurA, divyA, niSkaMpA and gadinI.
Then we received the nectar of the sUrya and soma through the iDa and pi~Ngala. Out of the cup of our skull the goddess drank the nectar. With that we entered the realm of karNamoTini.

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