karNamoTini vidyA

oM chaNDAyai namaH| oM ghaNDAyai namaH| oM karAlyai namaH| oM sumukhyai namaH| oM durmukhyai namaH| oM revatyai namaH| oM prathamAyai namaH| oM ghorAyai namaH|
vayu-tattvAtmikAyai namaH|| iti vayu maNDalaM

mama shatrUn shoShaya shoShaya |

oM saumyAyai namaH| oM bhiShaNyai namaH| oM jayAyai namaH| oM vijayAyai namaH| oM ajitAyai namaH| oM aparAjitAyai namaH| oM mahAkoTyai namaH| oM raudryai namaH|
rupa-teja-tattvAtmikAyai namaH|| iti rupa-teja maNDalaM

mama shatrUn vidrAvaya vidrAvaya |

oM virUpAkShyai namaH| oM parAyai namaH| oM divyAyai namaH| oM AkAshamAtre namaH| oM samharyai namaH| oM daMShTrAlAyai namaH| oM shuShkarevatyai namaH|
jala-tattvAtmikAyai namaH|| iti jala maNDalaM

mama shatrUn plAvaya plAvaya |

oM pipIlikAyai namaH| oM puShTiharAyai namaH| oM mahApuShTipravardhanAyai namaH| oM bhadrakAlyai namaH| oM subhadrAyai namaH| oM bhadrabhimAyai namaH| oM subhadrikAyai namaH| oM sthirAyai namaH|
pR^ithivi-tattvAtmikAyai namaH|| iti pR^itivi maNDalaM

mama shatrUn tADaya tADaya

oM niShThurAyai namaH| oM divyAyai namaH| oM niShkaMpAyai namaH| oM gadinyai namaH|

AkAsha chaturkonAtmikAyai namaH || iti AkAsha chaturkoNaM

oM sUryachandrAbhyAM namaH ||

oM hrIM karNamoTini bahu-rUpe bahu-daMShTre hrUM phaT |
oM haH oM grasa grasa kR^inta kR^inta Chaka Chaka Chaka hrUM phaT namaH ||

He shall meditate upon karNamoTini who assumes many forms, with a core emanation with two arms bearing a noose and an a~Nkusha, seated in the lalitAsana. He shall than offer oblation to the fire with the mUla mantra and then gaze upon the yantra generating her image through the process of spanda.

1) By concentrating on the passage of prANa between the hR^idaya to the mUlAdhAra, and from there to the vishuddhi while meditating on the incantation he shall invoke karNamoTinI to strike the shatrU with roga and mAraNa.

2) By concentrating on the prANa passing through the lalana chakra he invokes karNamoTinI brings prosperity.
3) By passing concentrating on the prANa flowing from the AGYna chakra to the minute balavAn chakra he shall invoke karNamoTinI to perform stambhana and uchChATana.

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