The Liberation of Jx

The clansmen got to gether to take stock of the proceedings. The case of Jx was remarkable. He had been pinned down by the attack of the vairi-s who were deluding him. He finally woke up on that fateful Monday morning. His purohita pressed home with the fierce attack that hurled arrows like a hail on the attack. His vairi-s were completely gone. They were gone like the sky blown clean of all the clouds to reveal the azure heights, with nothing but the midday sun blazing on the cobalt vault. His dhanakShaya had been ended. He had suffered one major loss, but otherwise had at least emerged on the other shore with his life. He felt it was great victory and was ecstatic. But the other clansmen were vary. While he had finally repulsed the attackers, there could be more. They assembled and asked: O bhArgava what do you think? Is this victory complete?

We answered: It is no doubt a victory and Jx will be completely free from his primary uchChATana and stambhana. But we never know if they have caused the rekha bha~njana.

We then retired and waited on the terrace for the passing jAnashruteya birds. They passed and said the following partly in saMdhyA bhASha:
-There were 10 in the numerator and one in the denominator.
-Beware of dhUmAvatI
-yudhiShThira told the yakSha that all think they may evade their karma
-They all thought that the end of the road had been reached, but only the muni, other than you, saw a glimpse of the trouble ahead.

Cryptic as these may sound the possibility of the shirashCheda attack became clear. We hurried consulted with the muni and gave him injunctions of what to do in the even of us wending our way to vaivasvata. The muni felt considerable pressure on him due to this, especially if rekha-bha~njana happens on the Jx front. He asked us: You who have sucked up the oceans of vR^iddhi vidya have reached this state? We replied: We once mentioned that like Dattaji Shinde heading forth to face Qutb Khan, we hand no fear and will fight again if we survived the battle.

We called priyasakhI. She said: Controlling the mind is most important but be a svachChanda. The rakShas will come you path but remember that even Jx was liberated.

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