The signal in saMdhyAbhASha

We invoked the wondrous yakShini ullAsamekhalA again. She appeared in the first of her forms ‘OJ’. We asked where does the high one go? She manifested in her second form ‘GW’. It was 10 times more dazzling than ‘OJ’. She flew over the cold northern ocean to the cold, dark of ice. Then she flew back to the city with tall houses. We were so dazzled by her that we felt completely speechless and humble. ullAsamekhalA raised me to the higher plane and there we conversed about the history of mammalian carnivores. The story unfolded before me as I humbly heard from the great being. No one, other than the devas knew the higher truths unfolded by the great yakShini. We felt the oneness with the true knowledge. The yakShini also pointed to the great gandharva with blazing jaws and a terrible club. ullAsamekhalA spoke: “you must climb the yonder peak of the gandharva.”
“sa eko gandharvAnAm AnandaH “

Then she said: “meditate first on me ullAsamekhalA, and then on hanumat before the leap.”

oM hriM shrIm nityadrave mada ullAsamekhalA shrIM hrIM||

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