The three-headed one

oM drAM dattAtreya namaH
oM aiM kroM klIM clUM hrAM hrIM hrUM sauH dattAtreyAya svAhA ||
The three-headed one, also known as the terrifying trishiro-bhairava, wandered around carefree in the great forests of himaparvatas. With one of his arms was holding the most beautiful madhumati of sweet smiles in an embrace around her gold-girt slender waist. In his other hands he held a mace, a trident, the blazing sudarshana, and a conch. He was of fair complexion, youthful and energetic with ever-smiling faces. The delightful madhumati would occassionally cast her arms around him, like a jasmine creeper winding around a full-grown khadira tree, and she would bring her face close to his. Their eyes would meet, exchanging glances of the highest bliss. The great trimukha would hold her face with his hand, and it would seem like a lotus sprouting from a pond under the pleasant spring sun. In her hands, madhumati held a chalice of sweet maireya liqour, which she would playfully quaff. Occasionally she would pass the chalice full of mirth to trishiras and they would quaff together in eternal Ananda. The bIja eM was constantly resonating around madhumati even as she with her dazzling beauty concealed the three-headed one from the gaze of on lookers. They might stop in a secluded slyvan grotto and engage in kAmakrIDa, nR^itya and aTTahAsa. In the highest ecstasy of pleasure the mighty tryAnana offered madhumati the premaratna – the gem of love, and having nothing greater to offer in return, madhumati, full of rasa, matched it by offering her own breasts. The incomparable trimUrtI clasping her breasts in his hands, gently placed a camphor flavored betel leaf between her pearl-like teeth. Then sporting with nails, polished like the mother-of-sea-pearl, he tickled the three folds in her mid-riff. Embraced by madhumati the trideva looked like the peaks of the Himalayas girt by snow and pine forests. The bIjas AM, hrIM, kroM, klIM, huM and oM filled the air. They spread the mAyA.

The great rAmo bhArgava wandered there holding and axe that had been washed in the blood of the vItihotras over and over again. He could not have a glimpse of the trideva because of madhumati. She shrouded dattAtreya like a mass of clouds blocking the vision of the high peak of kailAsha parvata. Through his intense meditation and grace of the deity the bhArgava could finally attain dattAtreya and madhumati. They gave him audience even as they quaffed the maireya liquor. trimukha first showed him the yoni mudra and then the jvAlini. The three-headed one was surrounded by 4 dogs. The bhArgava declared his familiarity with them and asked: “Oh Noble one what is the rahasya of the agni chaitanya?” The lover of madhumati said: “From raM it emanates. The splendid vAgIshvarI having taken a purifying bath after her menstrual flow is lying in joyous abandon on a soft couch. prajApati full of shR^i~NgAra rasa approaches her who is the embodiment of beauty and engages in passionate intercourse. Into her yoni he deposits his retas. That retas is vahni which endowed with the chaitanya of raM. He salutes that with the formula:
hrUM vaHni chaitanyAya namaH
He then offers AchamanaM to the great IshvarI of vak. Then the great vaishvAnara shoots up as he utters:
chit-pi~Ngala hana hana daha daha pacha pacha sarvaGYAGYApaya svAhA
In the former days O rAma your illustrious ancestor, the foremost of the atharvans, bhR^igu saw many mantras. But this one which the primordial bhR^igu saw, who himself has sprung from the retas of prajApati, is the base of the new kalpa that is being enunciated. The dull-witted cannot grasp it:
oM vAishvAnara ihAvaha lohitAkSha sarvakarmANi sAdhaya svAhA
It is with it the act of sacrifice is achieved. He is then protected by the emanations of the 7 bIjas:
sryUM | shryUM | ShryUM | vryUM | LR^iryUM |R^iryUM |yryUM ||

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