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The crocodile line

The footage of the carnage by the giant Nile crocodiles on the Mara river was remarkably inspiring and it brought memories of a remarkable sight I had seen in the halcyon days: The cow being downed by a mugger in … Continue reading

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The Prestosuchids appear to be a sister group to the proper rauisuchians, branching off after the ornithosuchians. They were top carnivores in the Gondwana regions. But the phylogenetic relationships of the suchian archosaurs remain far less understood than the ornithodiran … Continue reading

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Alick Walker

Late Alick Walker was an English gentleman who studied archosaurian anatomy. He was a retiring kind of person who is said to have put in tremendous effort to study in great depth the anatomy of reptiles. He is said to … Continue reading

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The vrata of our great goddess

We bow humbly to the 6th part of prakR^iti. On the 6th bright lunar day or for pediatric purposes on the 6th day after childbirth he performs the vrata to ShaShThI dhyAnaM suputradAM cha shubhadAM dayA-rUpAM jagat-prasU | shveta-champaka-varNAbhAM ratna-bhUShaNa-bhUShitAM … Continue reading

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