sAdhana idols of the clan

A number of idols have been routinely used by my family in various upAsanas. A few are detailed below:

The rudra family: The wooden kumAra on the left is our patron deity, the deity of the clan and the protector deity. The idol is routinely installed on the trienniel skanda yAga performed as per the atharvaNa krama ordained by gopatha. The central idol is the bronze idol of uma and rudra that has been worshiped for a long time now by my clansmen for various festivals and receives regular rudrArchana. The vinAyaka on the right with the ceremonial a~Nkusha, stone lamps and gajadIpa is ceremonially bathed and deployed in several sAdhanas including the regular chaturti-vrata. Receives regular atharvashIrasArchana.

The sarasvati-series: The one on the left is the bR^ihad nIlA-sarasvatI, also known as bhaiShajya sarasvatI- worshipped by the secret offerings known as vAmadevya made as per the atharvaNa krama. It is a protector idol of the clan and the tassle of atharvanic bird feathers hang on the idol. One on the right is the viri~nchI-preyasyA, also worshipped as mahAsarasvatI.

The lakShmInArAyaNa pair: used for worship with the mantra viShNumAya, the sahasranAma vidhi and nArAyanArchana. The saura maNDala is used for the saura prayogas. Of course the other maNDala and its details remain secret.

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