The tilottamA prayoga

The bhUta tantras recommend the worship of apasaras and provide the outlines for these rites. However, their proper deployment remains unknown except to one who has mastered the true rahasyas. The mantras of the practioners of the chInAchAra are nowhere in the league of these rahasya mantras. 8 principal apsaras may be invoked with apasara maNDala though tillotamA may be offered a special sacrifice for the highest purpose. The apasaras who are invoked are:
shashidevI, tillotamA, kA~nchanamAlA, kuNDalahAriNi, ratnamAlA, rambhA, urvashI and bhUshiNI.

The great tillotamA prayoga goes thus:
The mula mantra is:
oM shrI tilottamA| vicinvatIm AkirantIm apsarAM sAdhudevinIm |
glahe kR^itÁni gR^ihNAnAm apsarAM tAm iha huve || hUM svAhA

He then lays down 5 five feathers with the formula:
pa~nchachoDA upa dadhAti | apsarasa evainam etA bhUtA amUShmil loka upa shere | Atho tanUpAnIr evaitA yajamAnasya | yaM dviShyAt tam upadadhad dhyAyet | etAbhya evainaM devatAbhya A vR^ishchati | tAjag Artim ArChati ||

With that he excludes his bhrAtR^ivyas from success. He then grinds a paste of 16 indra yava grains, 30 chaNaka (chickpeas) and mixes it with taila and prepares a vashikaraNa lepa with that. Then he offers 5 oblations in the fire with a mixture of salt, tila, ghee, honey and milk.

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