The wall of bagalAmukhi

R told me that her amongst her chosen devatAs whose mantras are perfect with her is bagalAmukhI. Fourier of maNgalagrAma, was initiated into bagalAmukhI vidyAs by the powerful chera magician. bagalAmukhi deployments can be terrifying for the victim and there are many of them that are generally kept secret. Some bagalAmukhi deployment that I have come across include: 1) the dhattUra haritAla lepana prayogaM- the yellow orpinient made from a mixture of dhattUra bIja and turmeric which can used for stambhana and vashikaraNa. 2) The mR^ittika vR^iShbha prayogaM -its effects can resemble the effects of certain dhUmAvatI prayoga-s and can be mistaken for them. It is pretty debilitating. 3) The vAma kapAla prayogaM- can cause a severe stambhana of the victim. 4) The shava vastra maNdUka prayogaM- can paralyze the tongue or throat of the shatru. 5) The ATarUShaka prayogaM- can destroy attacking law enforcement agents. 6) indrAvAruNika prayogaM- can protect from being tortured by law enforcement agents. And there are several others.

by invoking bagalAmukhI one may also seek the aid of some frightful agents of hers that might strike the victim with great force. Some of these include kharvatI and sarvavichchA. bagalA may manifest in many forms which include brahmAstra-vidyA, trailokyastambhinI, trimurtistambhini and samhArika vidyA. Some of these are amongst the highest of the prayoga’s deployed in the attacking mode. Our clansman who was pretty confident own mantras was hit by a bagalAmukhi deployment of Fourier. He was relentlessly chased by bagalA agents. Some would enter his office room, others his house and still others used to knock him even when he tried to take shelter in some temples. Finally while he was in the city of Gaya, he was attacked by a sarva-dehastambhana and nearly killed. He finally found some relief when he crossed the border and reached Nepal and took shelter at the feet of bagalA herself. The bharadvAja woman’s PM was also attacked by a bagalA deployment. He would undergo stambhana daily for a whole month and all his mantras was were rendered ineffective. Finally he with a helper deployed the saucer-breaking dhUmA to save himself for some time. However, the second bagalA attack gave him a room in the buffalo-rider’s home.


Mn was having a ball of a time with his many friends at that time. He visited the muni and me and declared that we should have a good time that evening. Earlier in the day our PM had made fun of Fourier’s threats, as he thought he was completely protected by the shield of mahArudra the “flight of the crane” would not affect him. Mn was PM’s favorite and he asked Mn to keep out all fears of the hocus-pocus that Fourier dabbled with. While MM was the more cautious type, she too alluded to shUlini, vanadurgA, dhUrta and the like asked Mn to have a good time. Mn believed he had nothing to fear for he actually saw that MM had a siddhi of vanadurgA. shachIva was a little cautious, and asked them to stay away and probably even make peace with Fourier but they told him he was being too cowardly in face of Fourier’s arrogance and indulgence in ugra karmas. The muni, me, Mn, J and our “shrI vidyA adept” moved to the outskirt of the city in a large ratha that had been lent to us by the patita-sAvitra, maireyapAyin. We visited the devasthAna where our shrI vidyA adept had attained the protection of dhanAkarShaNa bhairava when hit by the wrath of varuNa. Then till the sun went down we indulged in vigorous gulikAkrIDA. Finally, Mn and I wandered off and arrived near the wall and on it was the “flight of the crane”. Who is she he asked, humbly bowing to the great one, I answered his query. The next moment a mohana dart sprung out and issued forth, I was hit first, but it came away from me after some time and seized Mn. Mn had a total stambhana in his arm. MM was alarmed at this and took the refuge of the vanadurgA rite that also included the invocation of pratya~NgirA. Mn was freed from the afflication and the back-hurl was complete. Fourier, his mighty putra and pautrikAs were all hit hard and reeled under it.

Fourier had been demolished but not out and his full subsequent history is for a different day. We visited Fourier’s putra and his wife in gavalakuNDa. The descendent of the renowned exponent of shuddha-vidyA lakShmIdhara came to their aid freed them from the ill-effects of the back-hurl and also gave him several mantras that raised him to great power. Aged Fourier met mAmI and declared his intention to renew the war even though his son and descendents had signed a peace treaty. Fourier smarting under the crushing strike from the pratya~NgirA formulae which had completely destroyed him and his patnI, went back to the chera magician and asked of the higher yuddha-stambhini. The chera imparted him all the prayoga-s and took an oath that even if Fourier was sent to vaivasvata’s regions due a future back-hurl he will personally teach Fourier’s bhrAtR^ivya’s an unforgettable lesson. In the mean time Aunt Spring thought she was completely safe because of the famous “yajurvedin” who an early student of my learned teacher. Around the time my teacher had finished performing my first year rites, he had already imparted the “yajurvedin” the needful spells. With that he was largely safe. But then on that quiet night in mlechCha desha, in krau~ncha dvIpa, out of the blue, that force of the yuddha-stambhini prayoga deployed Fourier’s chera hit the “puruSha”; he almost crossed the bridge on the yamunA before being brought back by the “yajurvedin”. The news of the strike reached us: “All nR^i fruits on the tree will be bored by beetles”.

We sensed the movements.

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