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Some musings on the aushanasa adbhutAnI and its deities

The work on omens attributed to ushanA kAvya the bhArgava (narrated by kAvya to nArada the kANva) is a well-known hindu work that formed the basis for many such future works that are abundant in Sanskrit literature. In thrust and … Continue reading

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shrI vidyAraNaya yati and his shrIvidyArNava

The shrIvidyArNava is an excellent tAntric manual that was used as textbook for mantra shAstra instruction amongst certain brahminical schools. It contains 2 halves called pUrva and uttara ardha-s of 18 chapters called shvAsas each. It runs into 1459 devanagari … Continue reading

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mAdhyamikA the average bhAratIya nArI

Three views of mAdhyamikA with slightly different corrections for noise Finally, we did get to the average bhAratIya nArI business because ST maintained a database of our classmate’s photos from a certain period in a quaint little thing called the … Continue reading

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