mAdhyamikA the average bhAratIya nArI

Three views of mAdhyamikA with slightly different corrections for noise

Finally, we did get to the average bhAratIya nArI business because ST maintained a database of our classmate’s photos from a certain period in a quaint little thing called the autograph book. Since it might have looked inappropriate to prying parents or their spies in those halcyon days, ST sadly only had the mugs of the women. Initially, rAmanujavAdin, K and the Sikh objected that this database may not be appropriate because there is a bias towards feminine ugliness in the “Science Stream” i.e those taking a combination of physics-chemistry-biology-mathematics. The ladies (ST and R) were furious and did not want to give us the database on hearing this. But we pacified them they were uttamarupA-s amongst bhAratIya nArI-s, without equals in the class (we weeded out some but are afraid to mention the reasons – luckily R and ST happily participated). We were left with 16, which included the whole range from “style-mAmIs”, the true surUpA-s, and some in my opinion borderline or even tending to durmukhI. Then we pitched them into SQUIRLZ MORPH and out came the mAdhymikA the average bhAratIya nArI. All the guys said: “not bad”. The ladies seemed to agree but felt they looked better. Finally, a subset of us are saffron Hindoos- so we asked how can the nArI go without a tilaka and accordingly gave mAdhymikA one.

Below is the average using only 6 strI-s of brAhmaNa descent (1 from Tamil Nad, 2 Maharastra, 1 Himachal, 1 Uttar Pradesh, 1 Gujarat- pretty diverse sample).

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