Hsuan Tsung divided by two : Please NO

We climbed up the turret there was a closely fought encounter going on the plain. We had sent a division to protect the home ground under an young and consentious captain, however, he was pretty inexperienced. The formidable Kappa having strengthen her fort well, ventured out her lair and gave me the code signal: “abhUri taila amla anya amla”. We saw that our captain launched a scorching assault but was trapped by a shatru. From our vantage point we noted that some mlechChas were covertly mining us. We started sending reinforcements to seal that breach but realize that still much fighting needs to be done on that front. We had sent a small division with some good guns to aid GS, our old acquaintence, but he was overwhelmed by an extraordinary attack by 5 mlechChas and our reinforcements could do nothing at all. We were left wondering if we could salvage any troops at all. We were concerned about the secret plan termed “pa~ncha-koNaM cha shulbAri eka-koNaM” falling into the hands of the dasyus. Just then we saw that our mighty general kAmarAja, was stopped by an enemy division close to where our young captain was being pinned down in a saMkula yuddha. General kAmarAja broke through the enemy ranks and was wreaking havoc, when he was suddenly attacked by a second enemy division. We asked him to extricate himself and attack that second division code named indra -jAla 1, and sent our able servants to reinforce his ranks, as well as covered him with mantra prayogas. He scored a spectacular victory on the front indra jAla 1 and returned to tackle indra jAla 2 that he hopes control and then decimate it. We also dispatched a division to prepare for the future battle of rajjvanta.

The messengers were coming in with victorious news that our flag was flying over indra jAla 1 and that our troops were pressing hard on indra jAla 2. We were travelling back by the path where the rAkShasI had first gripped us during the terrible battle of khANDavaprastha. There on the raNA~NgaNa we saw the corpses of kR^ishNa tvacha, dva saumyau, shvetaDambara, kShetragu, mayAchumbikA and sarva-madollAsa. As we walked by each preta arose laughed and flew away. We placed the samid in the fire and cast the oblation. The yakShiNis “OPJ”, “SGYA”, “LZ”, “ME” and “LR” arose with each oblation. We kept sending them but each one appeard to explode into pieces and run away. Then we saw the vairi send the maraNAkShaNa– it gripped us, we were gripped by the terrible pasha from which no one has emerged on the other side. They said the yakShiNis have become phena.

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