An year later

The kR^ityA had hit precisely an year back. We knew that the anniversary strike was in the making. Around 2.30 PM the kR^ityA was seen again; as before, it rapidly breached all the kavachas and burnt its way through. It was like the classical pratya~Ngirasa kR^ityA described in the literature. The “Ajya tarpaNaM” held it off temporarily. We were reviewing the indra jAla 2 front with our general when she struck again. This time we deployed “kalAyasUpa” against it but that did not work and it seized us violently. We had to finally use the “Asandi” to drive her away. We thought we had her under check, when she suddenly returned and could not be quelled by by “nimbUka” or “mAsha”. She raged for five hours and the dhanAkarshaNa bhairava spell was repulsed. Then finally with the gaNanAtha a temporary control was effected.

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