The emanation of pratya~NgirA who may be specifically combined with R^ikShakarNi and karNamoTini is chaturmukhA mahApratisarA. Her incantation may be used to tie a charm on the body. She may also be invoked as emerging from pratya~NgirA and combined with the latter’s mantras in certain rites.

mahApratisarA prayoga vidhi

He shall first worship vinAyaka meditating on him embracing his shaktI madanAvatI

oM sarva vighnAnutsAraya huM phaT svAhA ||

He shall take water in his water pot with:

oM vajrodake huM phaT ||

He shall wash his feet with the formula:

oM hrIM svAhA ||

He shall sip water (Achamana X 3) with:

oM hrIM suvishuddhadharma sarvapApAni shAmyAsheSha vikalpAnapanaya svAhA ||

He shall knot a strand of hair with the formula:

oM manidhari vajriNi shikhariNi sarva vashamkariNi kaM huM phaT svAhA ||

He shall sprinkle water in the ritual area with hand or using a tuft of darbha grass with the formula:

oM rakSha rakSha hUM phaT svAhA ||

[If he is not doing this immediately after a bath he should necessarily do the pApa puruShavidhi]

Then nyAsA shall be performed thus:

oM mahApratisarAyai a~NguShThAbhyAM namaH /

oM tAriNyai tarjanIbhyAM namaH /

oM vajrodakAyaI madhyamAbhyAM namaH /

oM ugratArAyaI anAmikAbhyAM namaH /

oM ekajaTAyai kaniShThikAbhyAM namaH /

oM pi~NgograikajaTAyai karatalakarapR^iShThAbhyAM namaH /

oM mahApratisarAyai hR^idayAya namaH /

oM tAriNyai shirase svAhA /

oM vajrodakAyaI shikhAyai vaShaT /

oM ugratArAyaI kavachAya huM /

oM ekajaTAyai netratrayAya vauShaT /

oM pi~NgograikajaTAyai astrAya phaT /

The yantra shall be inscribed using black lamp dye on a square white cloth about two completely extended spans in lengths. The four circles of the yantra termed:

mahAmantrAnudhAraNi, mahAsasrapramardhani, mahAmantrAnutsArini and ShaShTI will be daubed with yellow turmeric. The circle termed mahApratisarA will be daubed with red kumkuma and in its center huM phaT will be written.

Once the yantra is ready the yoni mudra will be shown before it.

Then arghya is offered 3X with:

hrIM maNidhari vajriNi mahApratisare idaM arghyaM svAhA ||

He shall meditate upon mahApratisarA emerging from the third eye of pratya~NgirA. She will be mediated as having 4 heads with the front head being golden in color, the side heads red in color and the back head blue in color. She has firm breasts and is raimented in a coppery hued garment. Each of her heads bears a third eye. She bears in her eight arms the weapons: chakra, pAsha, khaDga, trishUla, vajra, iShu, dhanuH and parashu. She is seated in perfect padmAsana

From her four third eyes then emerge: mahAmantrAnudhAraNi, mahAsasrapramardhani, mahAmantrAnutsArini and ShaShTI. The first 3 deities are in padmAsana bearing 4 heads. ShaShThi has 6 heads and is seated on a mayUra.

He will then worship with namaH the 4 above deities:

oM mahAmantrAnuddharaNyai namaH (South)

oM mahAsahasrapramardhanyai namaH (East)

oM mahAmantrAnutsAriNyai namaH (West)

oM ShaShTyai namaH (North)

In the 4 corners of the bhUpUra square the following are worshiped (they emerge from the above deities):

oM kAlyai namaH

oM kAlarAtryai namaH

oM kAlakaNThyai namaH

oM mahAyashAyai namaH

In the 4 doors the following are worshiped (from the above emerge the following deities):

oM vajrA~Nkushyai namaH

oM vajrapAshyai namaH

oM vajrasphoTyai namaH

oM vajraveshyai namaH

Then the yantra is tied up with the yellow twine with the formula:

oM maNidhari vajriNi mahApratisare rakSha rakSha hUM phaT svAhA ||

Then japa is done with the mantra (she may alternatively be mediated as vajra pa~njara bhAsitA mahApratisarA with two hands holding a chakra and khaDga and just one head):

oM maNidhari vajriNi mahApratisare huM huM phaT phaT svAhA ||

The same formula is inserted into the terminal part of the pratya~ngirA rite with several oblations made into the fire of ghee, oil or tila.

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