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The enduring mystery of IVC

The IVC or the Sarasvati-Sindhu civilization(SSC) or the Harappan civilization intrigues most historically aware Hindus. It was vast- covering a large swath of land from Afghanistan to Maharashtra. Its was apparently fairly culturally uniform over a considerable space and time. … Continue reading

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The countryside expeditions

The best remembered of our expeditions were those to the city of bhairava, the fort of tridents and the long-winded peregrinations through the Maharatta countryside.In the halcyon days Mis-creant, muscleman S, his shUdra sycophant (shUdra shreShTha=SS) and me were seated … Continue reading

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3 victims

The shachIva and and the amAtya gave us the signals that three kR^ityA’s were dispatched. The strong PM, main victim of Fourier, seemed to be under what might be his final decline. The dUtas of mahiShavAhana were apparently approaching him. … Continue reading

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