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From parIkShit’s window

From the top of the fort, from the window we watched the desolate landscape cloaked in the moist haze of indra sprinklings. The last cry of the bird had been heard for the day. The amAtya and the shachiva were … Continue reading

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daNDin’s pUrvapIThikA of dasha-kumAra-charitra

The 3rd stride of viShNu as well as his snake is the enduring Hindus symbol of the axis that precesses with the passage of kAla or time. Right from the R^igveda this axial role of viShNu is at the fore … Continue reading

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Najash rionegrina and Yurlunggur camfieldensis

During the flight with the yakShiNi we grew interested the origins of the giant madstoiids of Australia. There have been several major recent advances in snake phylogeny and evolution. In molecular terms the snakes were shown to belong to a … Continue reading

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