From parIkShit’s window

From the top of the fort, from the window we watched the desolate landscape cloaked in the moist haze of indra sprinklings. The last cry of the bird had been heard for the day. The amAtya and the shachiva were caught in their own troubles due the passing of the vR^iddha. On the shore Jx sat still unable to come to terms with the fact that he was free. His mantri-s were also caught in the same troubles as our mantri-s. The muni had retreated into his cave. We reminisced of our brief conversation with him on the eve of the tragedy. The muni shared my concerns at that point and our minds went back to the fateful clear night when the PM was rattling under a ghorAbhichAra. He saw how that very day we had taken the worst turn with respect to the issue of khANDava. Having sized the situation we knew it was alright for us to die, but the muni had to escape to continue the fight. We spoke then of that step into the kAlaChidra. We did not know what was happening to our arrows in the great raNa; we knew then knew what had befallen the brave ikShvAku of ayodhya, when he stood before the fierce bharadvAja warrior who was raging on that fateful day.

We looked again from the window. We saw that our yauvana senAni had conquered indra jAla I and II completely and paid us a tribute from those raids after placing our flags. The other yoddha along with Hayastanika were still being needled without stop by the single duShTa shatru. Our senAni decided to tackle the sutrAnta front where one fierce vairi and another mild one had come up against us. He skillfully re-organized the troops to strengthen our front. But then our time of reckoning had come. We watched; the feeling was like how kR^iShnadeva might felt before Kovilkonda or rAma rAya before Talikota or hammIra mahApatra behind Kondavidu. Many shatru-s had combined forces against us. We were weakened like the AchArya struck by navagupta; the dhUmavatI agents continued to assail us non-stop and follow us like a shadow. But we were born with the karma of the warrior and had to fight, even if like the sUtaputra without the armor and earrings. We hoped to smite the dasyu in that great battle.

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