The battle of the train and bus towns

As many issues remain still murky and we are still behind the haze we cannot narrate much. It was wild ride is all we can say. We knew that one of our greatest sapatna-s stood straight in our path. It was going to be a fight like the one between karNa and arjuna. Just as only one sword can reside in a scabbard, just as there can only be indra or vR^itra or just as there can be only one rAja in rAShTra it had to be one of us. The sapatna arranged things such that we had to attack from a very unfavorable position. We had no choice but to charge. We could not deploy anything at first. But we planned everything pretty well in terms of timing of the attack, and then found a moment to invoke the secret aid of the breaker of vala’s stronghold: ma~njughoSha, combined plainly with that great forgotten weapon: “the strike of shUlini”. The speed of the maruts took us through the first attack scattering the kR^iShNa-varNa-s and ekAntika-vAdin-s. Then we drove away ajadhADika, viTshiras, biDAlashmashru and shuchiroman. Then our great shatru repeatedly attacked trying to tie us with astras. We, however, invoked the mahA-vajra to pierce him. That thunder which had burnt the the enemies of trasadasyu, that might of indrAvaruNa bore us aid against him. This round of the gaviShTi was ours. Then we were moving away after having controlled the vile Damarushiras, when our old bhrAtR^ivya attacked us violent with the rakta-ghAtaka. He could not bear the fall of biDAlashmashru and mahA-shatru in the open field. (“mlechChas horsemen are all around you.”). Four fierce weapons pursue us- the raktaghAtaka, the bhaya nirR^iti (we remembered the old nairR^ita attacks), rAkShasi and jvAlAmukha. We needed to obtain the yakShini-s bAlachandrikA and suratama~njari to save ourselves now.

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