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The result

kR^iShamukha and paraShumukha organized their attack at us with the deep hate and hope of overthrowing us for good– the mahochChATanaM. We were enveloped by the kR^ityA-s of dhUmAvatI that they had sent. Our senAnI had warned us well of … Continue reading

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draupadi ammAL and chunItan

A sub-set of the smarta brahmins of Gingee, Melaccheri Kadu and parts of the modern Telugu country upwards of Kalahasti, usually belonging to the great sect of bR^ihatcharaNaM or rarely the vaDamas (northerners), are called pAratiyAr-s. There are other pAratiyAr-s … Continue reading

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The bhR^igu-s of the R^igveda

From the accounts of vedic tradition the bhR^igu-s were the foremost of the R^iShi-s. It appears that they were the founders of the fire ritual which is at the heart of the vedic religion. They are not authors of many … Continue reading

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The Arimaspas, dinosaurs, griffins and sharabha.

A persistant Indo-Iranian motif is that of the griffin, occuring in India as the sharabha. The sharabha may be described as an imaginary animal or as an incarnation of rudra in that form. The famous sharbhAstra weapon and the sharabhAstra … Continue reading

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A Sanskrit history of the conquest of parNAla-parvata

“Brahmins do not have it in them to fight” was a common refrain I had heard despite being brought up on the tales of the bhR^igu conquests of yore- r^ichIka, jamadagni, rAma, agni aurva and all of them. I had … Continue reading

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Qaidu’s daughter

The learned vaiShNava narrated to me a tale he gathered during his travels in the lands of the hUnas. Qaidu was the son of Qashi, who was the son of Ogodei, who was the 3rd son of the most illustrious … Continue reading

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In memory of the Oxalate

A recent conversation brought to mind the our famed oxalate experiment. Oxalic acid first caught my fancy in the summer vacations of 6th class. I was intrigued by it and sought to extract if from the sorrel that grew abundantly … Continue reading

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