Some old drawings of devatA-s

While cleaning up, I found some old pictures R had drawn for me while in school. It brought me some nostalgia and with due permissions I scanned them to put them up. She drew much better later in life, but I was never able to get her to draw more like these again. It is sad that a great tapestry of the yogini-s, vArAhI, mantriNI, ashvAruDhA and kAmeshvarI, in their war march, that she drew with considerable detail seems to be lost now.

In the first on the left is rudra with two arms with dhanuH and iShu; then there is the lord of the gods indra, with a vajra and sword; to the right there is viShNu with his usual weapons. She asked me to state that these pictures were dedicated to molArAm, a famous shAkta artist from the Himalayas.

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