An old gAtha

During the train journey we talked about ancient gAtha-s going back to the PIE period. Some of these are clear cut sayings that were probably present from the earliest days of the Indo-European crown group. An early American scholar pointed the presence of an archaic Indo-European maxim that occurs in classical Latin as: “quos deus pedere vult dementat prius“. In the mahAbhArata (repeatedly) and the rAmAyaNa a similar statement occurs as a gAtha:
“yasmai devAH prayachChanti puruShAya parAbhavaM |
buddhiM tasyA .apakarShanti so vAchInAni pashyati || “
For which ever man the deva-s prepare the overthrow, they take away his mind, and he sees things inverted.

The implications of this Indo-European unity are not perceived by modern European and surprisingly even most modern Hindus. I place the idea that this is because the modern Hindu mind was de-Indo-Europeanized by colonization by the de-Indo-Europeanized Christian European.

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