An early shaiva formula

Very little is preserved of the ancestral tantric shaiva lineage prior to its split into the five fold path. An early formula of the lineage that survives is seen in the garuDa tantra termed hara tantram, which itself does not survive as a full text as far as I know.

The distinctive core used to make the oblation for rudra in the fire is thus:

Amantrito .asi devesha gaNaiH sArdhaM maheshvara |
prAtastvAM pUjayiShyAmi atra sannihito bhava |
(Invitation to rudra with his agents to the rite)

oM hAM hIM hauM shivAya namaH |

(the five-face oblations from sadyojAta to IshAna)
oM hrAM sadyojAtaya svAhA |
oM hrIM vAmadevAya svAhA |
oM hrUM aghorAya svAhA |
oM hraiM tatpuruShAya svAhA |
oM hrauM IshAnAya svAhA |

oM hAM AtmatattvAya svAhA |
oM hIM vidyAtattvAya svAhA |
oM hUM shivatattvAya svAhA |
oM hAM svAhA |
oM sarvebhyo devebhyo vauShaT |

pUrayapUraya makhavrataM tanniyameshvarAya sarva-tattvAtmakAya sarva-kAraNa-pAlitAya oM hAM hIM hUM haiM hauM shivAya namaH ||

The use of the 5-fold face formulae suggest the basic link to the vedic proto-shaiva stock.

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