The result

kR^iShamukha and paraShumukha organized their attack at us with the deep hate and hope of overthrowing us for good– the mahochChATanaM. We were enveloped by the kR^ityA-s of dhUmAvatI that they had sent. Our senAnI had warned us well of what was approaching. We paused for a moment and decided that we must break up kR^iShamukha and paraShumukha as well as their spells as we had done to yUpa-shiras and matsya-pucCha-shiras in that great battle of dvAdasha. In every respect we were having a deja vu with respect to that old battle. We laid the circle of jamadagni’s daughter’s ra~NkuTi (Vicia tetrasperma), in the middle we laid the ayokaNa (Polygonum convolvulus) and deployed the nirR^iti-dispelling spell of our patriarchs, the bhR^igus of yore. When the words were uttered: “Seek the one who does not make offering nor rites; the may you follow the road of the thief and dacoit; seek that other man than us, that is your path; salutations be you, O goddess nirR^iti.”

The kR^ityAs instantlly rebounded off us like a ball striking a hard flat wall. We then let fly that which was fashioned by ushanA kAvya and kabandha AtharvaNa, for it is said in the texts that the great astra is infallible as the spell of the atharvans of yore. The brahman of kabandha AtharvaNa, known as the nairbAdhya, went forth:
“Away from his home do I drive that fellow yonder, who as a bhrAtR^ivya contends with us; through the oblation devoted to overpowering [of foes] indra has smashed him to pieces.”

That brahman of the illustrious kAvya, known as the kR^ityA pariharaNaM, went forth as it went to kill the ikShvAku daNDa:
“O agni, the destroyer in the war [with foes], O win the battle; with the pratiharaNaM we back-hurl the kR^ityA upon sender.”

Thus, we invoked the dasyu-killing, the vR^itra-slaying, fort-shattering ones, as bhR^igu had done, as aurva had, as rAma had, and as kabandha AtharvaNa.
“amanyamAnAn charvA jaghAna”

kR^iShamukha and paraShumukha were overthrown themselves and with that ended a major chapter, as the chapter of dvAdashAnta was ended.

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