atharvaNic saMdhyopAsana vidhi

The practioners of the fourth veda are dying creed. As we may be amongst the very last of the practioners and some who are learning it in a recent revival do not known of how the atharvaNa saMdhya needs to be done we provide some details. As this is a common question asked by the atharvan revivalists, with time I hope to provide a detailed protocol of atharvan saMdhya, atharvan upAkarma and some other important para-vedic rites of the atharvan-s like the skanda yAga or the dhUrta homa. Here is an outline for the saMdhya

-The AV saMdhya is done seated in the Urdhva-jAhnuH vIrAsana.
-It is to be done in the north or east of the place of residence and facing the sun.
-before it one purifies himself with the ApohiShThiya ablution.
-One sips water (AchamanaM) with the formula jIvA stha (AV-S19.69.1-4)
-One sprinkles water on oneself with formula Apo hi ShTha (AV-S1.5). One touches ones knees when the incantation yas-yakShayAya jinvata is uttered.
-One says agnishcha mA manyushcha and suryashcha mA manyushca purificatory formulae.
-One performs three prAnAyAma-s with the 7 vyAhR^iti-s+gAyatrI+brahma-shiras.
-One performs AchamanaM as above again.
-One stands up and throws water upwards with the formula ayojAla (AV-S19.66)
-One faces the sun and chants the formula as per the saMdhya:
morning- hariH suparNa (AV-S19.65.)
noon- ud u tyaM + ud vayaM tamasaH (AV-S20.47.13+AV-S7.53.7)
evening-ud ghed abhi (AV-S20.7)
-One then performs gAyatrI japa 8, 11, 12, 15, 100 or 1000 times.
-Then one stands up again and utters the formula pashyema sharadaH (AV-S19.67)
-Then one chants still standing AV-S19.70, 19.71, 12.1.18, 10.5.37, 19.16, 19.72

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