sugrIva and the prince of B’lore

The above illustrates the difference between the prince of B’lore (left) and sugrIva so strikingly.
Behind of wicket off=32.2% total=61.1%
front of wicket off =28.9%/

front of the wicket =50.1%
prince of B’lore:
Behind of wicket off=15.8%total=44.2
front of wicket off =28.4%/
front of the wicket =55.2%

What it shows is that sugrIva’s is success if he manages to slash away behind the wicket on the off without being pouched. This was precisely the area where we were forbidden to slash as youngsters learning the correct style :-) So sugrIva is truely special in being able to exploit this danger zone to perfection.

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