In the midst of the rAkShasas

Having set the spot for the rendezvous with the svastrI, and having made preparations for the life in the wild we moved of to the abyss. We wished we were accompanied by the learned muni or the knower of spiders, but we were soon in surrounded by the mAmsa-devouring rAkShasas and rAkShasis, kR^iShNa-kaNiShTha and others. We roved endlessly being the sAkShi for all, tormented constantly by the shiva-yuvati of mahArudra. Then we briefly experienced the oneness with akulavIra — the essence of the ga~NgA showered upon us as it does eternally on the terrifying akulavIra. We passed by a number of shmashAnas feeling the oneness with akulavIra on account of which we had transcended the dvandvas. We were akulavIra, holding the musala and the skull-bowl filled with soma. On our neck were the skulls of the evolutes of prakR^iti passing through the numerous upheavals. We then moved forward and performed AchamanaM at the pure riverine waters- we beheld nIlasarasvatI, in her untrammeled charge – with all her fury eating the rocks and rivers. Then we saw kubjeshvara conjoined with kubjikA. Having seen all, we descended slowly downwards towards to pR^ithivi, tormented by rAkShasa-gaNa and others, we kept wandering around with our kApala as our only companion.
“The end of the rope was reached,
the rope then snapped.
The bricks started to fall;
where there was once a house,
now there was a ruin;
the sounds ceased to play.”

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