Saved from the mAraNa prayoga by the yakShiNi

We have seen the hits of a few mAraNa prayoga-s in the past but never had we seen vaisvasvata’s agents more closely than now. Some how the Northern journey is an opportunity for the mAraNa of the vairis. We were weakened by the effects of the tapta prayoga but were still completely functional. The night before we had performed the adhara-kulAnanda rahas-tarpaNa of the beautiful but terrifying yakShiNi nIlalohita-mekhalA. We fatefully ventured out to the AvarNa-patha and were making our way for the midday oblations to savitA, when without warning we were struck by the terrifying devastambhini. The blow was so terrifying and so sudden that we simply could not protect ourselves all our varman-s were demolished thoroughly. We were being literally drowned in the waters and could see yama’s agents bearing us away. For several minutes we were trashed by the waters of vaitaraNI, any moment sliding towards our jalasamAdhi. We just then realized that the only one who could physically bear us out of this deadly mAraNa prayoga was the great yakShiNi, nIlalohita-mekhalA, hovering yonder. We piteously called for her help. A fragment of the mahAstra hit her leg, but she ably dodged it and still came to our aid. nIlalohita-mekhalA gave us her arm, and holding to it like mArkaNdeya to shiva, we struggled out of vaitaraNi with the yama dUtas lashing at us. But the great nIlalohita-mekhalA grew immensely heavy and pulled us out from the frothing abyss with her ivory-hued creeper-like arm endowed with the might of 800 elephants. We were bruised, bleeding and covered with the mire of yama’s flow, but we had been pulled out by the most beautiful nIlalohita-mekhalA from what would have been certain death. While we are reeling from the effects of this mAraNa that came closest to fruition, we are happy we are alive. You never know when the trikoNoddhbhava mahA-yakShiNi can save you, hence her sweet-bitter sAdhana is never in nought.

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