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avyakta origin mythology

The two tantric upaniShads, avyakta and nR^isiMha-tApini are clear in their pA~ncharAtra affinities. Yet the saMkhya origin mythology of the avyakta is a pretty remarkable piece that is worth considering, for it is a rather distinctive expression of earliest stages … Continue reading

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Strange and frightening conversation

I received a call and we set off for the evening. The women-folk wanted to make their stock of powders and pickles for the quarter and had spent the day collecting their ingredients. As we converged at the pre-destined venue. … Continue reading

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“Tantric” upaniShad-s and their role in Hindu thought

The point of origin of the later sectarian upaniShads is unclear. It appears that the early shaiva-s and vaiShNava-s had begun the composing upaniShadic material in the latest phase of the vedic era. The oldest amongst these is the shaiva-leaning … Continue reading

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Emperor Julian

Many years ago when we were yapping away on the then latest production of the socialist academic Jared Diamond, Guns Germs Steel Blah blah, we turned our attention to two historical incidents which were reasonably faithfully described by him. One … Continue reading

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Flogging dead Germans

Recent events have exposed a peculiar bunch of Europeans- they appear on face to be sincere students of Indic issues, but deep within are Hindu-haters. This group is dominanted by people of Germanic origin, but also includes a range of … Continue reading

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shrIvidyA beyond the pa~nchadashI and classical phase

Not much is remembered of the shrI-kula traditions before the universal sweep by the pa~nchadashI and structurally related mantras, like manu vidyA or skanda vidyA. These may be termed the classical shrIvidyA mantras and examples include:The manmatha vidyA or kAdi … Continue reading

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