Daily Archives: July 2, 2006

Lessons from the Mohammedan onslaught

The battle raging in the Middle East between the Jews and their Mohammedan enemies has some important historical lessons. It may be a relatively low-level conflict in a small part of the world but its lessons are very clear. In … Continue reading

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The bhinnayoni vidyA

Since I was asked of the famed bhinna yoni vidyA, which powers the mahA mAtR^ikA nyAsa I have written it down. Of course its prakaTa as pratya~NgirA needs the inter-twining with the atharvamukha, of which the bhinna yoni is itself … Continue reading

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The blight of Monotheism

Moving out of the frustration from the futile discussion on the thermal stability of acyl monophosphates I began filling Marc up on what I had recently learnt from the two hours I had spent with a garrulous Spanish gentleman. He … Continue reading

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