The bhinnayoni vidyA

Since I was asked of the famed bhinna yoni vidyA, which powers the mahA mAtR^ikA nyAsa I have written it down. Of course its prakaTa as pratya~NgirA needs the inter-twining with the atharvamukha, of which the bhinna yoni is itself a prakaTa rUpa. Its manifestation as parameshvarI is can be seen in the stand alone bhinna yoni vidyA, though a practioner of the bhrigu-A~Ngirasa shruti notes the deep concordance with the atharvamukha constantly. Its manifestation as mAlinI, as stated from the mouth of trishiro-bhairava is in the form of the mahordhva li~Nga and the laghu-yoni. “Oh girl of pretty hips, whose firm breasts are the mounds of manmatha-kalA, how many shrikaNThas and shiva-yuvati-s manifest when we triangulate the great upward li~Nga with 3 equal sides, 6-fold times ? There is one more shiva-yuvati than those of the shrikaNThas. He who knows this knows the vidyA”

Of course any one trying to make use of the mahAmantra given below without the rahasya yoginI-s goes no where.

oM na R^i R^I L^i L^I tha cha dha I Na u U ba ka kha ga gha ~na i a va bha ya Da Dha Tha jha ~Na ja ra Ta pa cha la A saH ha Sha kSha ma shaM ta e ai o au da pha hrIM

The dUtI-s of the nAdi vidya are conjoined with the rudra-s of shabdarAshI.

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