In the quest for food

bhR^igu, the founder of our race, had said that food was brahman. In that quest we set out to the city center. They say no journey in the company of a true friend is ever long. They say no wait in the company of a comely and amiable young woman is too long. But a journey in the company of a false friend or even the briefest wait in the company of a rAkShasi-like woman is a passage through naraka. We had made the long journey to city center in all these companies- with our friend with whom we were united in mind, with the apsara-like girl who bathes all the senses in soma-like bliss (verily called somAnanda), in the company of a piShAchi when every nimesha of the mAnusha feels like one of brahma. And then we were making it alone. When you make it alone, all you are left with are the reflections in the atmAn. As the reflections fleeted through the chit, or was it the manas (we would never know?), we could identify with the pratikriyA that shuddhodana-putra had felt on his first journey outside the royal cocoon. It was all there roga, jara, mR^ityu. Yet on the other side there was the Ananda of the bhoga of anna, pAna, kAma ityAdi being enjoyed by many. First the words of the wise eldest pANDu came to mind, but then the unity with vArtAlI was felt. It was that flow of prakR^iti who was manifest as vArAhi and the 8 mothers that we were a part of. We then attained bliss in food.

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